New record high tribe score – 11,322. These are the individual levels that were reached…

DavidhighHarmonious Bliss set a new record high score on June 5, 2017. Thirty of our accounts that are owned by 21 people have been saving up for this event since at least November of 2016. With the amount of shards we had on these accounts, we could probably have won 5 weeks straight without rotating a single person!

These are the individual levels that were reached, and the amounts of shards spent:


Harmonious Bliss has accomplished the following things this week:

  • Highest tribe score ever – 11,322.
  • Largest margin in beating the old high score. We beat the previous high score (held by SPFC – 9,837) by 1,485 points!
  • First time that any tribe has ever made it to 10,000.
  • First time that any tribe has ever made it to 11,000.
  • Highest score with less than 30 members: 10,000 with only 28 members.
  • Highest individual level ever reached – 415.
  • Highest individual Star Power reward ever received (will show later, after reset).
  • Largest margin of victory – we more than doubled SPFC’s score this week. We beat the 2nd place team by 6,011 points!
  • We spent over a half BILLION shards!

Due to our detractors always instantly calling us ‘cheaters’ whenever we have any kind of success, we have taken to creating videos to prove that we have no abnormal leveling on our tribe. Harmonious Bliss is the only team that has ever done this.

And finally… just to beat the detractors at trying to show any inconsistencies…

There is an inconsistency in the leveling numbers. One member added one level AFTER the “Final Full Update”. Our official score – the one we acknowledge as being the accurate one to use – was 11,322. But during that no-man’s-land territory between the ‘final full update’ and the timer running out, one member did add one level. Since I didn’t record the individual levels until the timer ran out, I don’t know which member that was. My individual leveling chart does include that one extra level since I don’t know who added it.

The scoreboard at the ‘Final Full Update’:

Final full update.png

The scoreboard at the ‘Corrupt Update’:

Corrupt update.png

As you can see, Hakuna Matata is missing from the corrupt update. We do not see the corrupt update as the fair one to use. Unfortunately, one of our members wasted over 120k shards to add that one level to move us up to 11,323 on the corrupt update. We do not acknowledge that as the correct score to use though. Our final score was 11,322, according to the final full update.


This is the MSM world record for the highest Star Power reward ever earned in a single week:

Record Star Power Rewards

12,605 Star Power points is the reward that David Bennett received for leveling up to 415 on our record tribe with a total tribe score of 11,323. This is the highest Star Power reward that we have ever seen.

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