Amazing number of accomplishments this week on Tribal Island!

Harmonious Bliss is proud to announce the following accomplishments this week:

  • Highest tribe score ever – 11,131 and still rising (final score to be shown later).
  • Largest margin in beating the old high score. The old record for largest margin of exceeding the previous high score was also held by Harmonious Bliss (exceeding it by 1200). We have already beat our old margin with 1294, and we are still rising.
  • First time that any tribe has ever made it to 10,000.
  • First time that any tribe has ever made it to 11,000.
  • Highest score with less than 30 members: 10,000 with only 28 members.
  • Highest individual level ever reached (will show later as leveling concludes).
  • Highest individual Star Power reward ever received (will show later, after reset).
  • Largest margin of victory – we more than doubled SPFC’s score this week. We will win by nearly 6,000 points!

As you can see, Harmonious Bliss has accomplished quite a few feats this week!

This is our current score. We are still continuing to move up higher as I write this post:



To join Harmonious Bliss, go to Request to join our Facebook group. Somebody will assist you shortly.

All players are welcome, regardless of the level you are at in your game. Beginners, mid-level, and advanced players are all welcome.

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