New MSM Record amazing 21,125

Harmonious Bliss with some visiting players set a new record high score of 21,125 on June 13, 2021. It was 4 years and 8 days after we set our previous record of 11,322. Visiting players and HB players have been saving up for this event for 2-5 years.

Here I would like to acknowledge their contribution by listing the players names, the tribe they belong to and the number of shards they spent. I would like to thank all of you for helping us to reach this goal.

The chart below shows the level that each of the players reached and the number of shards that each of them spent. My special thank you goes to the visiting players and the team leader of the tribe they belong to. They include Sharol Diamond from Algonquin (led by Mike Howard) and Steve Burcham from SLiPPi (led by Laurence Foster). Thank you for participating in this event and sharing this special experience with us.

Here is a video of individual leveling.

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