Harmonious Bliss is one of the top leading teams in My Singing Monsters.

– We have 300+ communicating members with over 400 game accounts in our 15 tribes. We have tribes for all levels of players. Everybody is welcome to join.

– Our Facebook Community group page is very active, with a speed-up group chat, and a key-chain that is available for exchanging keys.

– We generally have two tribes present on the leader board every week, with our flagship Harmonious Bliss tribe usually being on the front page.

– We have awesome monster arrangements on our competition tribes.

– We are a very organized team. Every member carries their own weight. We don’t have any deadbeats that do not level up in our tribes.

– We have a tutorial group page to assist our beginners with building their games fast and efficiently.

– We try very hard to remain on the cutting edge. We have always been a leader in Tribal Island competition.

We want you to come join us to help continue our legacy.

Beginners through advanced players are all welcome!

To join, please go to our recruitment page at: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Join.Harmonious.Bliss.Now