Come join us in making MSM history!

We are aiming to be the first team in MSM history to break the 10,000 threshold. No team has ever made it to a 5 digit score. This will be unprecedented! Nobody has ever come close!

This will require that we have thirty people that can each level up to 334 when we are ready. Leveling up to 334 will cost each person 12.5 million shards.

We still need to find two more people that are willing to save long term to fill out our historic new record team. We need to find two people that collect at least 500k shards each week and preferably have 2 million+ shards saved up already.

We need for these two applicants to be fully committed to a long term savings plan. It will take us at least 4 to 5 months to reach our goal of 10,000. We need to feel confident that you are committed to be in this for the long haul.

If you think that this might interest you, please request to join our Facebook recruitment group page at: After you are approved to join our group, please let us know of your interest in joining our record team.

Thank you!

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