Friend Codes

Please enter your friend code (BBB ID) in the comments below if you would like for other people that see this page to add you as a torch light friend.

58 thoughts on “Friend Codes

  1. 11654946BI
    (Sean Gleeson)
    You will never need to light my torches, because all of mine are permanently lit. But I might light yours once in awhile.

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    1. H_Conguiblegart 67674801HN
      H_Conscuiblegart 42445820FC

      Add me! I need my torches to be light. I have two accounts! Thank you!


  2. Glr add me my friend code is 35852193MD and my screen name is # LIKE # ISLAND # OF # PLANT retribution torches


  3. 70373338BA ill light those who light mine or if i see they need to be lite also trying to breed ethereal’s


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