5 digit tribe score? It’s never been done before… until now! Harmonious Bliss leads the way once again!

Check out the tribe scores. Harmonious Bliss is currently at 9,999. This is a new record. And… we are on the brink of going where no other tribe has ever gone before – 5 digits.


We have also done this with only 28 members. Imagine how high we might be able to go if we had 30 people on our tribe! Maybe we’ll add a couple more people soon. I don’t know!

Join us in watching this historic event. We will move to 10,000 at 12:00 pm ET today (Saturday, 6/3/17, New York time). Check out the tribe score update that occurs after this.

Watch us as we explore the unknown. Will the tribe score be able to handle 5 digits? We don’t know this answer for sure. No tribe has ever made it to 10,000 to test to see if BBB has the game configured to handle this many digits. Once again, HB is leading the way in Tribal Island!

A tribe leveling up to 10,000 would normally require 30 people to level up to at least 333, costing about 12.5 million shards each. But our lowest member has many more shards than just 12.5 million! How high do you think we might go?

To join Harmonious Bliss, go to https://www.facebook.com/groups/Join.Harmonious.Bliss.Now/. Request to join our Facebook group. Somebody will assist you shortly.


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